Thursday Doors – Saint Paul de Vence

SPdV is a beautiful hilltop village in the foothills north of the French Riviera. It’s not just my opinion – lots of actors, writers, painters and celebrities have lived here. And died here – James Baldwin (American writer) and Donald Pleasance (British actor). If you visit, try to avoid the throng of tourists who arrive in luxury coaches in late morning and phagocytose the fashionable restaurants for lunch.

The streets are narrow and lined with art galleries and gift shops. But forget these, and concentrate on the doors. This is statuette is above the main gate to the village.P1300601

Chapel with purple oleander by the bus stop outside the villageP1300599


Thursday Doors – Tende

Tende is a town on the old salt road from Nice in south east France to Piedmont in north west Italy. It is famous for the Vallee des Merveilles, a remote area in the mountains with thousands of carvings from the Bronze Age. The carvings (petroglyphs) were discovered by a British botanist, Clarence Bicknell, in 1881. The best way to visit the town is by the spectacular railway from the Riviera. But to get to the Valley of the Marvels, you need to hike for 8 hours or take a jeep. However, this blog is about the doors in the town.P1300573

Side door to a churchP1300585



Collegiale Church of Notre-DameĀ P1300584

This is impressive – on this steep flight of steps, motorbikes are forbidden between 9pm and 6am, and during the day speed is limited to 20 kph.P1300574