Becoming Indianised

On Monday evening, the driver dropped me off at the street market after work so I could do the fruit and veg shopping for our apartment. Wary of being overcharged as a foreigner, I usually sidle up behind a well-dressed Indian lady who is haggling over the price of onions at a stall. I greet… Continue reading Becoming Indianised

Not a foodies guide to Manipur

I wasn’t there long enough to find the best places to eat. With the curfew, we had to be back at the guest house at dusk (5pm in January) for security reasons, so evening dining was out of the question. There was one fast food restaurant which looked like it had been sponsored by an… Continue reading Not a foodies guide to Manipur

How do you fit four elephants into a mini?

Obviously, two in the front seats, two in the back seats. But how many sheep can you fit into a minivan in Lodhi Colony? One… Two… Three… Lots… What panache, what elan!  Wearing white shoes while manhandling the carcass by a hand inside its thorax. No spots of blood on his footwear. Once he was inside… Continue reading How do you fit four elephants into a mini?

Tibetan Market

Majnu Ka Tilla is a remote corner of the capital, sandwiched between railway marshalling yards and the Yamuna River. Frantic traffic hurtles through on the Outer Ring Road. One Sunday morning, we wandered through Delhi University’s north campus and the Kamla Nehru Ridge park, trying not to breathe in too deeply because of the appalling… Continue reading Tibetan Market

Indonesia in the Nehru Gardens

At the weekend I attended a celebration of Indonesia, with music, food, dancing and a quiz. It was intended to improve relations between India and Indonesia, encourage tourism and to showcase Indonesian culture. I wandered through Nehru Gardens looking for the event, but couldn’t find it. I had just about given up and was on… Continue reading Indonesia in the Nehru Gardens