Traditional Swazi Food

Sishwala is thick porridge, served with relish of vegetables, pumpkin tops or meat Incwancwa is sour porridge made out of fermented maize meal Sitfubi is boiled fresh milk mixed with maize meal Siphuphe setindlubu is porridge thickened with mashed, boiled peanuts Emasi etinkhobe temmbila is ground up maize kernels mixed with sour milk, not to… Continue reading Traditional Swazi Food


Perhaps it is because I am in touch with my feminine side, I rather like shopping. I particularly enjoy rummaging through African markets. In Bradt’s Travel Guide to Swaziland, the market in Manzini features in the “Swaziland in Colour” section. I just had to take a look. Saturday morning at 8am, I set off to… Continue reading Shopping