Connaught Place

Connaught Place (CP), named after Prince Arthur, the third son of Queen Victoria, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, was to be the shopping and economic hub of Lutyen’s New Delhi. It is modelled on Bath’s  Royal Crescent, but perhaps because it was designed and built by the Public Works Department, the plans were altered. The… Continue reading Connaught Place


Lorries, wagons, heavy goods vehicles, call them what you will. Here are some superb specimens from India. The Hindi slogans are interesting. The detail is fascinating, with tassels, stick-on Shiva lingams and a representation of an eye and nose ring on a headlight. The paint work even extends to the tailgate. “Horn Please” = let… Continue reading Trucks

Ganga – River of Life and Eternity

The National Museum on Janpath in New Delhi unveiled a large exhibition this month exploring the beliefs, histories, traditions, arts and cultures of India emanating from the Ganges – a river and a Goddess.   See below: A bronze vessel inscribed with the 108 names of Ganga, a map of the Ganges and a bronze statuette… Continue reading Ganga – River of Life and Eternity