You buy everything on the street in Mozambique

All the car spare parts shops are painted egg yolk yellow. The plastic bags contain cashew nuts. The white liquor is palm wine, the orange bottles contain peri-peri. There is charcoal in the blue and white sacks. I missed the best shots: A lady carrying an axe on her head, sideways, with the blade over… Continue reading You buy everything on the street in Mozambique

Adventure to Ihla de Inhambane

The double sea kayak just didn’t want to go in a straight line. Robin was the powerhouse in the rear, I was up front, trying to establish a nice gentle rhythm with some steady, regular strokes. The rudder’s wiring had been disconnected, so it should have been Robin’s responsibility to steer. But he was more… Continue reading Adventure to Ihla de Inhambane

Inhambane – Terra de Boa Gente

Over 500 years ago, the Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama, sailed through a gap in the sandbanks protecting Inhambane Bay from the breakers of the Indian Ocean. He took on provisions and was so¬†impressed by the friendliness of the locals that he called it “Land of the Good People”. Five hundred years before him, ocean-going… Continue reading Inhambane – Terra de Boa Gente

Tofo Beach

When I booked the trip, I decided to pay extra for a single room, rather than sharing a dormitory at Fatima’s Backpacker Hostel. I was disappointed. The single room was dark and dingy, smelling of stale marijuana, with bare concrete brick walls and one energy saving light bulb. Suddenly, the unisex dorm seemed more attractive,… Continue reading Tofo Beach

Praia de Peixe

This is some of the wonderful decor on the walls of the beach resort Praia de Peixe, on the island of Macaneta, 40 km north of Maputo, Mozambique. I had breakfast there on Sunday with some new friends. Sheila would have loved this display. She was a keen mosaic-er and was skilled at putting together… Continue reading Praia de Peixe