Luxury in the Bush

If¬†Bilbo Baggins had $5,000 to spend on a day’s vacation on safari, Luangwa House is where he would choose to go. It looks like a palace for hobbits. The thatched roof undulates over the crazy-paving walls. The dried grass porch outside the main entrance is held up by four tree trunks. The front door is… Continue reading Luxury in the Bush

Africa Heroes Day

Forget US Independence Day on the 4th of July. In Zambia it was a national holiday to commemorate the heroes who brought independence to Northern Rhodesia, half a century ago. There was no armed struggle. It was a peaceful transition from colonial rule. Britain had lost its appetite for an empire in Africa, demonstrated by… Continue reading Africa Heroes Day

Who let the dogs out?

Fantastic viewing of the Wild Dogs/Painted Wolves on the murram road between Katete and Mushilashi Rivers yesterday. Thought I should share some photos. You can tell that they have just eaten because their bellies are full and there is blood around their faces.


The best ornithologists identify birds by their call. In the Game Park yesterday morning, D correctly identified that the hissing sound was coming from her rear tyre. We pulled off the main track and D chose a level piece of ground to change the wheel. My birthday present had come early. Two of the most… Continue reading Twitching

Blood Moon

Just as the sun sank beyond the western horizon, the full moon rose above the trees fringing the Luangwa River. It was blood red. Perhaps the smoke and dust in the atmosphere gave it a rusty hue. Perhaps there is another more scientific explanation for its remarkable colour. It looked stunning. The sky around the… Continue reading Blood Moon


Of all the wonderful trees in South Luangwa, I love the baobab the most. It stands out amidst the mopani, marula, ebony, mahogany and acacia trees. The bark is smooth, silvery grey. They grow for centuries, storing water in their massive fibrous trunks. Sometimes there are massive scars in the lowest two metres of the… Continue reading Baobabs