Who let the dogs out?

Fantastic viewing of the Wild Dogs/Painted Wolves on the murram road between Katete and Mushilashi Rivers yesterday. Thought I should share some photos. You can tell that they have just eaten because their bellies are full and there is blood around their faces.

Bumper Stickers & Divine Predictions

Instead of having “Gavin” and Tracey” stencilled on the windscreen of their vehicles, some Zambians have religious quotations or Biblical texts. Rather worryingly, one truck coming towards me in the middle of the dirt road had “Father Forgive Them” across the windscreen. Forgive who? His victims? I pulled over onto the side of the road… Continue reading Bumper Stickers & Divine Predictions


“Quick doctor, there’s an emergency. A girl has been poisoned,” shouted Andrew, one of the nurses at Kakumbi Rural Health Centre. Heath care assistant Helen pushed past him, saying, “I will put up an intravenous line.” “But we don’t have any intravenous fluids, Helen,” I said. “There’s no point. What has she been given?” “Poison,… Continue reading Poisoned

Menstrual Hygiene Day

Being an old bloke, I don’t often think about periods. But I have to, and during the course of my work, I have seen some fairly unsavoury methods of dealing with menstruation. However, a local charitable, non-government organisation called Project Luangwa has tackled the problem of sanitary protection in this corner of Zambia and come… Continue reading Menstrual Hygiene Day

Top and Tail

Headgear for children is very important in Zambia. It makes a statement. But I wonder what their mothers were trying to say? But don’t forget footwear. But for the full effect, check out this fashion victim who features in both sets of photographs above

Mass Deworming

There’s an old joke about a woman who painted her doorstep pink. When asked why she did it, she said that it kept the elephants out of the house. “Elephants? That’s just ridiculous!” replied the questioner and the woman said, “Ah, but you have never seen any elephants in my house, have you?” I have… Continue reading Mass Deworming


The best ornithologists identify birds by their call. In the Game Park yesterday morning, D correctly identified that the hissing sound was coming from her rear tyre. We pulled off the main track and D chose a level piece of ground to change the wheel. My birthday present had come early. Two of the most… Continue reading Twitching