4 Replies to “News”

  1. Dear Dr Cross, my name is Polly and I am a fourth year medical student at Leicester University. My friend was telling me about you as you taught her during part of our GP placement. I have really enjoyed reading the blog, As part of my international Health BSc last year I visited a refugee camp in northern Mozambique and studied childhood diarrhoea. Before university I was lucky enough to work in Brazil for a year too so I have some (limited) knowledge of health care oversee’s. I was wondering if you thought it would be possible for me to do part of my medical elective in March /April 2016 in the areas where you now work? Sorry to harrass you on this blog! Many thanks Polly (my email address is if you want to reply with that instead)

  2. I’m not sure how to PM you via this wordpress site. I’ve sent you an email about a paper on depression and sleep manipulation via the address I have for you from way back. I don’t know if you still use it. Pls let me know. P.

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