Strictly Come Swazi My Favourites

This man’s back was ramrod straight. He looked impeccable. His partner was petite, nimble and gorgeous. They looked really professional. I must admit I used to slip my tongue between my lips when I was concentrating. This boy was the only one singing along to the Swazi National Anthem. But I caught him lip-synching. Great… Continue reading Strictly Come Swazi My Favourites

Strictly Swazi Wardrobe Malfunction

They were both gliding around the dance floor, waltzing to perfection. The tango was modern and jazzy, not the classical Argentinian style. Their foxtrot was smooth and flowing, but the damage was done during the quickstep. Their rotations, hops and runs must have jiggled something loose. I think this was the moment that her partner indicated… Continue reading Strictly Swazi Wardrobe Malfunction

Strictly Come Swazi Dancing Junior Competition

These two contestants were competing at level one. They began shuffling around the dancefloor, with their eyes glued to their feet. Gradually they got into the swing of things and they loosened up. He kept his eyes on her, making sure he was following her lead. Then he made an error. I didn’t see what it was,… Continue reading Strictly Come Swazi Dancing Junior Competition