Thursday Doors

Have a haircut on the street, in front of Samar & Sons, purveyors of toilet cisterns and bathroom fittings. I really like the way the barber has hung all his kit from the electricity cables around the door. The pink colour is sickly, but how about the column on the right? A Corinthian capital, perhaps?… Continue reading Thursday Doors


Sitting around in K Block, Jahangir Puri. These photographs were stolen. This isn’t proper street photography. I just pressed my camera to the glass of the car window as we drove through the neighbourhood and squeezed off a few pictures when I saw something interesting. Although technically K Block is an “unplanned settlement”, it is developed… Continue reading Sitting

Last night in Zambia

It’s my last night. I have had my farewell sundowner at Kapani Salt Pans, been serenaded with “For he’s a jolly good fellow” and received a great present – coffee table book of photographs from the valley. I had my last game drive this morning and saw half a dozen lions and a leopard, as… Continue reading Last night in Zambia