At the barber’s shop

Barbers don’t just cut hair. They offer head, neck, shoulder and arm massages, too. I wouldn’t recommend the eyebrow massage; it did nothing for me and was really uncomfortable.

Also on the repertoire are hair dyeing, shaving, and most intriguingly of all, face washing. I witnessed this a few weeks ago. It is not just wiping someone’s cheeks with a soapy flannel. This is industrial strength cleaning, really getting the grime out of your flesh.



At the barber’s again

A colleague and I went to the barber’s this morning. My favourite tonsorial artist had boasted to me that he had customers coming 40 kilometres to have their hair done at his salon, “Nadia’s Fashions”. He said that he only charged 140 Rand for hair colouring – £6.50 – which undercuts (sorry) the hairdressers in… Continue reading At the barber’s again

The Metropolis

Mfuwe is a straggling town, a series of villages really, strung out along the road between South Luangwa National Park and the International Airport. The commercial centre is called Cropping. It takes its name from the elephant culling activities which went on there over 50 years ago. It has the only filling station in the… Continue reading The Metropolis