Swaziland Craft Beer Festival

What a blast! Jazz, Country and Western, solo singer with guitar playing great music through the afternoon. My favourites were Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Bad Moon Rising. Cowboy hats were de rigeur. Tasty filet steak and chips, with butternut squash and green beans from  Malandela’s restaurant. The locals got quite… Continue reading Swaziland Craft Beer Festival

Traditional Swazi Food

Sishwala is thick porridge, served with relish of vegetables, pumpkin tops or meat Incwancwa is sour porridge made out of fermented maize meal Sitfubi is boiled fresh milk mixed with maize meal Siphuphe setindlubu is porridge thickened with mashed, boiled peanuts Emasi etinkhobe temmbila is ground up maize kernels mixed with sour milk, not to… Continue reading Traditional Swazi Food

The Metropolis

Mfuwe is a straggling town, a series of villages really, strung out along the road between South Luangwa National Park and the International Airport. The commercial centre is called Cropping. It takes its name from the elephant culling activities which went on there over 50 years ago. It has the only filling station in the… Continue reading The Metropolis

I’m in a dancing mood

I suppose it’s an embarrassing dad thing. My daughters would call it “inappropriate”. Showing off my moves, throwing some shapes, getting down and groovin’ to the music. Except that I do it when I hear certain funky cell phone ringtones. They just set me off. I was consulting with Nurse Marvis Mwanza in Kakumbi Rural… Continue reading I’m in a dancing mood