Entrances and Doors: Biete Mariam

Ethiopian Cave Church Door This is a door of a small chapel, carved out of the rock in Lalibela in the Ethiopian Highlands. The door leads to the courtyard of Biete Mariam (Mary’s House), one of the eleven monolithic churches in the small town. It is said that King Lalibela wanted to create an Ethiopian… Continue reading Entrances and Doors: Biete Mariam

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Yellow

Mickey Mouse in a yellow suit, presiding over a rickety railway at a temporary fairground in Delhi for the Ramlila celebrations. I am not sure if the murky colour of the swimming pool in the background also qualifies…it is more catsick yellow. Another yellow, the blanket on this wooden carousel horse at the same fair.… Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Color Yellow

Light Greens

This is a not a self portrait. He looks green with envy. This is a mask from NE India, in the National Museum in Delhi. Taken with my Lumix LX100 shutter speed 1/10th second, f5.6, ISO 1600. On a more serious note, the clinic where I work in Jahangir Puri, North Delhi, for Medecins Sans… Continue reading Light Greens