Soka Uncobe: Male Circumcision in Swaziland

Soka Uncobe is the slogan of the Male Circumcision (MC) programme which began in 2008 in Swaziland. A Task Force led by the Ministry of Health aimed to integrate male circumcision into the services of all hospitals and health centres. Its ambitious target was to circumcise of 80% of men in the 18-49 age group… Continue reading Soka Uncobe: Male Circumcision in Swaziland

Guide to speaking Nyanja

In the pile of “doctor stuff” at the health centre I came across an abridged English-Nyanja medical dictionary composed by Dr Martin Harris (November 2009). The pages are laminated. I am not sure what was on Dr Harris’s mind when he came up with these phrases. In the section entitled “Useful Commands”, the phrases are… Continue reading Guide to speaking Nyanja