Midnight Wedding

The noise was deafening. Even though firecrackers have been banned because of the poor air quality in Delhi, this didn’t stop a score from lighting up the sky. First of all, I went up to the roof, but I quickly saw that I needed to be on the street to get in on the action.… Continue reading Midnight Wedding

Buganu Festival

Every February, Swazi people gather fallen marula fruit (“emaganu“) to make an alcoholic drink called “buganu“. Marula fruit are the size of large crab apples. As they ripen, they turn from green to creamy yellow. To make the brew, women wash the fruit, peel off the skin and squeeze out the juice (“kuhlabela“). After adding… Continue reading Buganu Festival

I’m in a dancing mood

I suppose it’s an embarrassing dad thing. My daughters would call it “inappropriate”. Showing off my moves, throwing some shapes, getting down and groovin’ to the music. Except that I do it when I hear certain funky cell phone ringtones. They just set me off. I was consulting with Nurse Marvis Mwanza in Kakumbi Rural… Continue reading I’m in a dancing mood