Two photos from me on the topic. This is the evening sunlight shining on the ramshackle shops of Khari Baoli (it means a salty step well) in Old Delhi.It was taken at about 5:30pm and the street is packed with people buying and transporting dried fruit and nuts – traditional gifts at Diwali, the Festival… Continue reading Shine

All the Animals Go To Church on Sundays

  …that’s why we didn’t see many in the Game Park. Sister-in-law Su is volunteering at local school. She loves the Park  and its animals as much as I do, especially the wild dogs. There are two packs active at present, a smaller group of six and a larger group of about 18. Su doesn’t… Continue reading All the Animals Go To Church on Sundays

My Family and Other Beasts

This is my sofa. It is a very comfortable sofa, on my verandah. I share it with a colony of ants and a family of skinks (a pretty kind of lizard with iridescent skin). I am not sure why the sofa is white, because it always looks grubby, but it certainly shows the ants. The… Continue reading My Family and Other Beasts

Walking Safari in Kruger National Park

“Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations which every traveller of feeling will experience” William Burchell, Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa (1824) Yaybo! We staggered out of our tents in Lower Sabie at 4am into the gloaming. The birds were already tweeting away when I made… Continue reading Walking Safari in Kruger National Park

Today, the animal I have most enjoyed watching is the Elephant

Of all the animals in the National Park, this is the one I fear the most. Hippos kill more Africans, but they are mainly active at night. Big cats are dangerous, but rarely seen. Elephants are much more numerous, I see them every day. When South Luangwa National Park was created, there were 100,000 elephants.… Continue reading Today, the animal I have most enjoyed watching is the Elephant

Elephant Loop

After a hard day’s doctoring (well, three home visits isn’t bad), I drove the trusty Nissan Pajero down the bumpy track to Mushroom Lodge, where I am billeted. It was almost five o’clock and the sunlight was honey-coloured and gorgeous. I passed a track off to the right, signposted “Elephant Loop”. It looked so inviting… Continue reading Elephant Loop