This is going to disappoint Deb, I am afraid. Here in Delhi, Diwali is dull, crowded, smoggy and very loud. Although Chinese-manufactured firecrackers have been banned, there were intermittent, eardrum-rupturing explosions through the night. I am not sure that this ordinance/ordnance chases away evil spirits, but it certainly kept me awake until 1am. I went… Continue reading Diwali


Last week I went shopping in the walled city of Old Delhi to buy fancy boxes of dried fruit and nuts as Diwali gifts. Yesterday morning at 10:45am, there was an explosion a few streets away near the Lahori Gate in Khari Baoli. One person was killed and several injured. Clouds of black smoke blanketed… Continue reading Explosion

Up in smoke

October is a great month for festivals in India. There is a National Holiday to commemorate Gandhi on 2nd October, then Dussehra on 11th October, Muharram on 12th October, then Diwali at the end of the month. My recent blogs have been about the Durga Puja. Confusingly, there are two storylines here. The first is… Continue reading Up in smoke