FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifying Match

Last week, the Swaziland National Football Team returned home after drubbing Djibouti 0-6. Unfortunately, the Djibouti team got stuck in Kenya on their way to play the second leg at Somhlolo, Swaziland’s National Stadium. They made it with a day to spare, but it must have disrupted their concentration and preparation. I must admit, I went to the match hoping… Continue reading FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifying Match

Sihlangu – the King’s Shield

Swaziland’s national football team is known as Sihlangu, the King’s shield. They managed their first ever away win against Guinea last month (the outbreak of Ebola had nothing to do with it) so confidence was high for the home game with Angola. We bought tickets in advance, but we needn’t have bothered. There was a car… Continue reading Sihlangu – the King’s Shield


The young man needed to be physically examined. He stripped off his shirt to demonstrate various abrasions, lacerations and bruises as proof of his having been assaulted. The problem for me was that these injuries did not appear to have been sustained at the same time. Some appeared to be recent, within a few days,… Continue reading Patients