Thursday Doors

This selection of doors features the surrounds, especially above the doors. All from Delhi, it goes without saying. The first door has a curious sedimentary rock surround, with faded garlands strung from a pole. The door is incidental, metal. Homage to the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty. There is even a painting of the Sikh guard who murdered… Continue reading Thursday Doors

Lodhi Colony Street Art Gallery

Lodhi Colony was built in the twilight of the British Raj, as an enclave for government civil servants. The apartment blocks are all similar, but not regimented into rows. The buildings are L shaped, one block joining another with a huge arch. Between the blocks there are schools, a maternity hospital and a public library.… Continue reading Lodhi Colony Street Art Gallery


In Gujerat and Rajasthan there are still a few craftsmen who use the ancient traditional Ajrakh technique to make patterned cotton cloth. It is an incredibly complicated and time-consuming business. There are fourteen steps in the process, but basically, it is a reverse block print, with areas of cloth being treated to avoid dye. The… Continue reading Ajrakh