Kakumbi Clinic – my final days

Yesterday, as I drove to the clinic, I saw a man at the roadside, flagging me down. Normally, I wouldn’t stop (the medical association discourages picking up hitchhikers), but this man was in uniform. And he was carrying a very large rifle. I pulled over and he got into the cabin. We greeted each other… Continue reading Kakumbi Clinic – my final days

NaHSAR at Pigg’s Peak Hotel & Casino

We were scheduled to leave after the project meeting on Friday morning, but I had a patient with HONK. That’s the abbreviation for HyperOsmolarNonKetoacidotic coma. A type 2 diabetic lady had inexplicably stopped taking her medication. She was as dry as a crisp and sweeter than honey. Once I was happy she was on the… Continue reading NaHSAR at Pigg’s Peak Hotel & Casino

Preparing for NaHSAR

NaHSAR: The 12th National HIV Semi-Annual Review took place this weekend, here in Hhohho. I must be going deaf. I misheard and thought I was bound for Houston when the clinic supervisor told me I was going to NaHSAR. It should have been held last weekend but there was no room at the Pigg’s Peak Hotel… Continue reading Preparing for NaHSAR

Sex in Two and a Half Minutes

Swaziland is a sexy country. Perhaps this is why, a decade ago, it lost a quarter of its population to HIV/AIDS and continues to have the highest prevalence of HIV in the world. Perhaps this is why last week in clinic,  I had an 83 year old man asking for help to maintain his erections. Or… Continue reading Sex in Two and a Half Minutes

Soka Uncobe: Male Circumcision in Swaziland

Soka Uncobe is the slogan of the Male Circumcision (MC) programme which began in 2008 in Swaziland. A Task Force led by the Ministry of Health aimed to integrate male circumcision into the services of all hospitals and health centres. Its ambitious target was to circumcise of 80% of men in the 18-49 age group… Continue reading Soka Uncobe: Male Circumcision in Swaziland

Circumcision Day

In Africa, it has been shown that male circumcision substantially reduces the risk of HIV transmission from women to men. Of course, using condoms will reduce the risk even further. The Ministry of Health has set Kakumbi Rural Health Centre a male circumcision target, and Nurse Martin Mwanza intends to meet it. When I arrived… Continue reading Circumcision Day