Of all the wonderful trees in South Luangwa, I love the baobab the most. It stands out amidst the mopani, marula, ebony, mahogany and acacia trees. The bark is smooth, silvery grey. They grow for centuries, storing water in their massive fibrous trunks. Sometimes there are massive scars in the lowest two metres of the… Continue reading Baobabs

Buganu Revisited

Two weeks after the Marula festival in Northern Swaziland at Ebuhleni, there was a second sitting in Eastern Swaziland at Hlane. Two colleagues joined me to witness the action. We managed to get lost a few times, but managed to arrive just as the action was happening.

Buganu Festival

Every February, Swazi people gather fallen marula fruit (“emaganu“) to make an alcoholic drink called “buganu“. Marula fruit are the size of large crab apples. As they ripen, they turn from green to creamy yellow. To make the brew, women wash the fruit, peel off the skin and squeeze out the juice (“kuhlabela“). After adding… Continue reading Buganu Festival