Strictly Come Swazi Dancing Junior Competition

These two contestants were competing at level one. They began shuffling around the dancefloor, with their eyes glued to their feet. Gradually they got into the swing of things and they loosened up.┬áHe kept his eyes on her, making sure he was following her lead.┬áThen he made an error. I didn’t see what it was,… Continue reading Strictly Come Swazi Dancing Junior Competition

Praia de Peixe

This is some of the wonderful decor on the walls of the beach resort Praia de Peixe, on the island of Macaneta, 40 km north of Maputo, Mozambique. I had breakfast there on Sunday with some new friends. Sheila would have loved this display. She was a keen mosaic-er and was skilled at putting together… Continue reading Praia de Peixe