Umhlanga Part 3

At last, the Reed Dance itself. There is a partly shaded stadium stand occupying the western flank of the parade ground at Ludzidzini. When we arrived just after 2pm, the shady areas were already crammed full of spectators. There were a few foreigners, but most of the audience was Swazi. I picked a good vantage… Continue reading Umhlanga Part 3

Umhlanga Part 1

The Umhlanga or Reed Dance is a traditional ceremony in Southern Africa. “Unsullied” young maidens cut tall reeds which they bring to the Royal Residence and use them to weave a windbreak. Then they dance, and the King picks one of them to be his bride. Swaziland is famous for this, but there is also… Continue reading Umhlanga Part 1

Clinic Highlights

Today… I saw a patient whose name was Serious. I asked him why his parents gave him this name, but he said he had never asked them. Very strange. I would definitely have wanted to know. Fortunately, he had nothing serious wrong with him. We have had a few cases of mumps recently. I found… Continue reading Clinic Highlights