District Commissioner

It’s not every day that one gets kissed by a District Commissioner; this week, I’ve been kissed twice. Forget the image of a thin, white chap with a toothbrush moustache, wearing baggy khaki shorts, long socks and brogues. Caroline, known as “Madame DC”, is a charming, efficient Zambian lady who was born in Mfuwe and… Continue reading District Commissioner

Today the bird I have most enjoyed seeing is the Hamerkop

Hamerkop means “Hammer Head”. It describes this bird well. As well as looking like a hammer, its head also resembles those aerodynamic helmets worn by cyclists in the velodrome. And when it flies, it does look like an F16. It soars over marshy ground and drying-out lagoons, looking for an ideal spot to peck up… Continue reading Today the bird I have most enjoyed seeing is the Hamerkop


This lioness was probably one of the group who checked out Mushroom Lodge last week, looking for a meal. The pride has 18 females and three males (brothers) who are currently jousting for leadership. My understanding is that this pride is a splinter group, originally part of a massive pride in the north of the… Continue reading Yawn

Elephant Loop

After a hard day’s doctoring (well, three home visits isn’t bad), I drove the trusty Nissan Pajero down the bumpy track to Mushroom Lodge, where I am billeted. It was almost five o’clock and the sunlight was honey-coloured and gorgeous. I passed a track off to the right, signposted “Elephant Loop”. It looked so inviting… Continue reading Elephant Loop