More Street Art in Delhi

About half way down Maharshi Raman Marg, I discovered a new selection of street art. The images are deteriorating, unfortunately, but still very impressive. Less words, more photographs.

Hauz Khas

Siri is not just Apple’s intelligent personal assistant. Siri was the capital city of the Delhi Sultanate at the end of the 13th century. The royal lake (“Hauz Khas” in Farsi) was a reservoir to provide water to the city, constructed by Allah-uddin Khilji. Later Tughlaq rulers built a famous madrasa and mosque on the… Continue reading Hauz Khas

Lodhi Colony Street Art Gallery

Lodhi Colony was built in the twilight of the British Raj, as an enclave for government civil servants. The apartment blocks are all similar, but not regimented into rows. The buildings are L shaped, one block joining another with a huge arch. Between the blocks there are schools, a maternity hospital and a public library.… Continue reading Lodhi Colony Street Art Gallery

You buy everything on the street in Mozambique

All the car spare parts shops are painted egg yolk yellow. The plastic bags contain cashew nuts. The white liquor is palm wine, the orange bottles contain peri-peri. There is charcoal in the blue and white sacks. I missed the best shots: A lady carrying an axe on her head, sideways, with the blade over… Continue reading You buy everything on the street in Mozambique