Thursday Doors

Yes, more cracking doors from Shahjahanabad, the walled Old City of Delhi. This is a slim selection of doors, all tall and thin. First a lilac lovely, looking a bit worse for wear with rot setting in at the bottom. Someone has bodged a patch up, but it really needs seeing to. The bricks on either side are painted gold-ish fawn and silver grey. Doesn’t really set off the delicate shade of lilac of the door itself. Check out the decoration above the door, too.


How about a more modern door for the Old City? Woven steel ribbon, steel flowers, bars for a fanlight and a marble surround.


Not your usual style of Post Office, this Mughal Mail is pretty unique. It has seen better days. I like the sandwich style of blue/green marble with white marble at the top. They gave up lower down and just used grey-painted blocks. Security is tight – note the CCTV camera pointing at me. BTW the Jama Masjid is the biggest mosque in Delhi.


What can I say? Hotel Delux.


Or the boys outside the entrance to the Hotel Taj. What on earth is behind the door on the left? It looks like a hoard of black plastic-bagged rubbish.


Now how about going here for some Beauty Care, ladies? In the heart of Darya Ganj, you have a stairway to heaven…


Even the most wretched doorway boasts a CCTV camera above.


I really like the contrast of salmon pink with azure blue. It reminds me of Nepali jewellery of coral and turquoise. I don’t think that this actually qualifies for a door as it seems to be barred.



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